Review of EaseUS Partition Master [Free Edition]

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Like most people you get stuck using the Windows partition manager only to find that it has many limitations and may not work or do exactly what you ant it to do other than formatting, splitting a drive and creating partitions with some loose flexibility around growing and shrinking if the data isn’t used and there is free unallocated space.

Well EaseUS has a free program called partition manager free which has some great tools in the free edition and even more tools in the premium version.

The software was easy to download and install, but like many free versions of products it will try to install other software you may not want.  Make sure you pay attention and always choose custom installation and uncheck any unwanted software that will get installed automatically if you just do an express install. 



Starting up the software and you get yourself a few simple options to choose from, Partition Manager, Backup and Restore and Data Recovery.


As with any tool that handles your partitions I wanted to test with creating partitions, resizing partitions and merging partitions back together to see if data would all move properly.


I first created a partition by splitting one of my SSD drives into multiple partitions.


I basically split my G: drive into a 60GB and 25GB partition separately.


After the partition is created, you can see the volumes below.easus-partition4

I formatted the partition played around with some data, then decided to go ahead and merge the 2 partitions together while data was still on both formatted partitions.


All you have to do is right click on the partition, select merge partition.


And then choose which partitions you are merging back together.  You have to click apply changes at top left after you click OK or the merge never happens, it took quite a bit longer to merge the partitions than to creaate and format them, but took about 10 minutes to merge the 90GB back together.


When I merged the partitions I did not lose my data but it did create a sub folder under the drive root folder that had the original partitions contents. image

This basically means it creates 2 sub folders, 1 for each partition you had prior to merging and keeps the original content in each folder so you can sort through later.  There was no option to just migrate all data to parent folder but this is a very easy manual step and the ability to merge multiple partitions together is a great feature and helps if you are like me and constantly create new test partitions for Virtual Machines or test builds and want to merge them back when you are done with them.

Overall I was impressed with the partition software in how it allowed me to create and do away my partitions when I was finished with them, I was able to merge and put partitions back together without losing files and this utility even let me reclaim space from a VM drive where I over-allocated too much space originally to a VM that didn’t need that much space.

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