Rendezvous in Del Mar

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Always on the lookout for new restaurants and willing to try new things my wife and I decided to visit Rendezvous in Del Mar which is a Chinese fusion restaurant and it also had a fairly robust gluten free menu.

Usually when I go out to a restaurant with my wife who is Gluten Free for health reasons I tend to order gluten free items as well.  We share dishes so I don’t to limit her ability to try my foods and vice versa.  It works out pretty well and I also get introduced to GF foods and add my own feedback and see whether I like them.

We started by ordering the GF Chicken Lettuce Wraps as an appetizer, they were good but not great.  Personally I thought the P.F. Chang’s chicken lettuce wraps taste better, but the lettuce leaf’s were fresh and huge.  The main course however wasn’t disappointing, I ordered the gluten free Shrimp with Lobster sauce and it was delicious.

gluten free shriimp with lobster sauce The sauce was delicate, broccoli crisp and it was satisfying.  We also ordered the gluten free chicken fried rice which was also good, the chicken was coated with light corn starch and taste good.

My wife had the Chef’s Shrimp Saute which wasn’t bad, but my wife and I both agreed it didn’t taste as good as the Shrimp with Lobster sauce.

Rendezvous also offers a selection of gluten free sake (bottle purchase) and gluten free beers as well.  If you are in the mood for Chinese food and want a gluten free menu, Rendezvous was worth a try.

One other note, is they have dishes using Konnyaku noodles which are very low carbohydrate and calorie noodle dishes related to the Taro root, I didn’t get a chance to try any of the dishes but this makes for some low calorie and carbohydrate dishes if you are in looking for an option there as well.

-Justin Germino

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