One Week to Father’s Day

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With one week to Father’s day I found my kids excited and hovering around their computers saying they were looking up a gift for me online, they shooed me out of the room not wanting me to see what gift they were going to pick out and I know they were conspiring with their mom to pick out something for Father’s day.


Watches make traditional Father’s day gifts and remember getting one a few years back, it wasn’t one of the Bulova Precisionist Watches but it was still nice though it wasn’t waterproof and I soon found out the hard way when one of my favorite watches stopped working after swimming in shallow ocean water while wearing it.

I had since gotten a replacement but really I won’t wear a watch now that isn’t waterproof anymore.  I still prefer quickly looking at the time on my watch instead of having to dig out my blackberry to tell what time it is.  It seems a little more elegant to simply look down at your wrist to tell the time instead of pulling out your phone from my holster clip.

I wonder what I will get for Father’s day this year?  What are my readers getting their dads?

-Justin Germino

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