Relationship Advice – Communication And Honesty Are Keys

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couple-thumb10014I want to say that there are way too many divorces that occur in the country now  a days, people have given up on “working at a marriage” and are so eager to take flight the moment they deal with an issue that is complicated, hard or they feel like giving up.  I do believe that divorce is an option under certain circumstances including anything like “Abuse, Domestic Violence” or children are at risk, but barring physical or mental abuse or health there should be things taken into consideration.

Financial issues are among the top reasons for getting divorced and ironically are one of the top reasons why people are devastated following divorce financially.  Another major one is fidelity, cheating, dishonesty or lying.

Your significant other should be a transparent window to you vice versa, nobody should get married unless they not only know about each other, but know how each other feels and thinks about certain things.  One of the key ways to accomplish this is through open communication, take the time to ask your partner the tough questions or ones you wouldn’t have thought to ask.  Ask them how they feel about religion, marriage, kids, sex, adult movies, strip clubs, Internet dating, social networks…etc.

You see where I am going with this it never hurts to ask your partner how they feel about anything and what is their take and opinion on anything and everything you can think of, learn early on what your partner’s point of view is on these things and these can become foundations to strengthen the relationship, or if your girlfriend/partner has differing opinion or point of view on certain topics you can share your own and find a compromise in the middle if there can be one found.

Marriage is about giving not taking, if both sides give then both sides receive, if one side gives and the other side takes then the marriage is out of balance and is destined to have problems and issues.  Communication is key, never assume your partner thinks a certain way unless you have asked.  Even worse, if you know your partner is against certain things you must be honest and open about how you feel.  Lying is never okay in a relationship even when many people lie to spare another person’s feelings, this in the end can only cause worse issues and weaken the marriage.

Marriages are complicated, hard and require a lot of effort, consideration and commitment.  But the reward can be a thousand times better than the work put into it, as long as both sides are equals and are true to each other and have open and honest communication.  It is never too late to open up to your partner and never too late to start fresh and build a healthier and stronger relationship.

-Justin Germino

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