Home Decoration Memory And Tips

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One thing I remembered is how simple touches can add elegance to your home and really make it feel as if it “IS” your home and yours. Customizing and adding the simplest of touches can do wonders, one of the things we did in our last home is to put in custom industrial knobs in the kitchen cabinets. We had an assortment of knife, fork and spoon knobs and handles that I installed on all the kitchen drawers and cabinet doors. These brushed steel handles and knobs gave a real sense of class and style to the kitchen.

There was a downside of course, I would accidentally bump into the knobs and get a fork handle jabbing me in the hip bone or the buttock occasionally. At least the knives were butter knives not steak knife handles or else I could have been in real trouble. In our newer house the cabinets were all upgraded and so nice looking we didn’t want to drill holes in them to install the knobs and handles.

My point is though customizing simple things like cabinets with unique handles, change the paper tower rolls, or toilet paper rolls with unique designs. Unique towel racks, or shelving all add a unique sense of style to your home.

-Justin Germino

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