ReFollow Blocked by Twitter

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One of my favorite Twitter tools for managing your followers and expanding your network ReFollow had a cold message this morning on their homepage about being banned by Twitter.


ReFollow allowed users to easily find and match patterns to follow/unfollow followers and was an excellent tool for cleaning out your following list or finding new followers to follow.

The tool did have the ability to select a page worth of followers (100) and click Follow which would send automatic calls to Twitter to follow or unfollow those users.  This may be a ToS violation of Twitter and would be the only function of the tool I think may be a violation. 

Still even if that is why ReFollow was blocked, they should redesign so that you have to manually click the follow button for each person you want to follow.  Embed it just under each account like such and I think the tool will still be just as valuable.

ReFollow attempted to contact Twitter about the IP blocking which happened 2x previously and shared with their readers the letter they sent to Twitter on the ReFollow blog.


Who else has been affected by the ReFollow Twitter outage?

-Justin Germino

Updated: October 8, 2010 — 8:00 am