Reflection On My Valentines Day

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My wife was a goddess when she came out of the bedroom fully dressed for the evening and my gaze was transfixed. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as we drove to McCormick & Schmick Restaurant in Phoenix for a nice seafood dinner. The restaurant food as not as good as previous years in my opinion, I had a very delicious Crab Louis Salad as my appetizer, but my entrée which was Mahi Mahi with an orange shitake glaze was not very good.

My wife wanted live main lobster, but the selection was relatively poor on the menu, so she asked the waiter if they could just serve the whole lobster. The waiter had told us the cook only had 1 pound lobsters and they could be served. So she ordered two whole 1lb lobsters on a plate and I can tell you when the plate arrived with 2 fully boiled lobsters on it, most of the tables around us had people staring and I received many smiles.

The waiter was also extremly slow, we waited almost 10 minutes for our beverages, the appetizers and he would take forever for refills and to bring us our bill. We had never had poor service or food before at the restaurant, so this was a shock. Next year I will be finding a new seafood place I think.

So dinner was my reservation and plans for the evening, I was wondering what she had planned. It turns out she had bought tickets to see Patton Oswalt (King of Queens, Ratattouie) at the Tempe Improv. The show was fantastic, the comedian just before him (I can’t remember his name) was very funny as well. Patton has a dry witty nerdy sense of humor which appealed to us greatly.

We spent the romantic evening feasting on seafood and laughing for two hours at the Tempe Improv and all I thought on the drive back to Casa Grande at midnight was that this was the woman of my life and I was lucky to have her.

Here is a pic of us:


-Justin Germino

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