Recognition Dinner Tonight

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Normally I don’t talk about my day job much on my personal blog for reasons of potential conflict, but tonight I am attending an award dinner where I have received one of the top recognitions for IT staff in the company.  This is the first time I have won this particular award, but I had won others in previous years and I was excited to win as it came as a complete surprise to me.

There is a dinner to be held in our honor at The Phoenician in Scottsdale, followed by an award ceremony.  This will unfortunately be the first time that your “spouse” or “partner” wasn’t invited or allowed to attend the award event as a guest which is the only thing I am a little bummed.

My previous awards which involved flying out for events they always included me to bring a “guest” and my wife was always proudly at my side, this event which is merely a 60 mile drive north of my house and I have to attend the event alone which makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

Companies in general should make sure when employees are rewarded (and they should be when they provide exceptional service and go above and beyond) that the partner is often the one who loses at the expense of going above and beyond and it is a nice gesture to include them in such recognition events, after all most people have a partner who helps them cope with stressful days and put up with the busy days that require extra 4-10 hours.

-Justin Germino

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