MMO Gaming with My Boy

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I really enjoy the hour or so I get to play Runes of Magic with my 7 year old while we join a party together and go complete some levels or quests.  It is in good fun when we are strolling through towns like Logar looking for some quests or beset upon by goblin thieves who happened to outnumber my son’s character and take him down.


This is a screenshot of the two of us while we were deciding where to go next and I was re-organizing my inventory.

My character is a rogue / archer and my son’s is a warrior but I am thinking I should have been a healer or we need to have one in the party as dying and respawning a town away is a real pain sometimes.

Runes of Magic is a free MMO game similar to World of Warcraft and is one of the best free MMO’s on the web in my opinion.  Easy to learn, easy to play for just 15-30 minute intervals at a time you don’t have to pay anything to get the full experience of the game yet you can purchase upgrades and items if you want to invest in it further.

-Justin Germino

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