Need to Recharge iPad Battery On the Go

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It was when I took 15 hours worth of flights back to back that I realized at some point I am going to have to buy a USB Battery Backup + Charger at some point. I actually didn’t even know these devices existed until I saw one by Recharge in the Skymall magazine.

These battery devices plug into any A/C outlet and charge up, then you can unplug them and take them along with you. Some have 2 USB ports and you can plugin your USB devices like an iPad, iPhone, iPod, Galaxy Tab…etc and charge your mobile devices from the battery backup. This basically extends the life of your mobile device and the external batteries can be in sizes that range from not much bigger than an iPod touch.

I have seen a few different brands of USB Battery Chargers and they all seem to work pretty well, you have to make sure you buy one that supports 10 volt (2 amp) to support charging the iPad and also supports 5 volt (1 amp) to charge normal USB devices which don’t require as much power. There are even some which come with plugs to fit the Galaxy Tab if you have one of those.

Bottom line is that if you travel frequently and don’t have stops to plugin your devices to charge them in between those travels, you will need a fully charged backup battery that you can use to extend the life and even recharge your portable devices. I would have had a lot easier time with my iPad 2 on my return trip from Rome where I did not have enough battery to use it for the 10.5 hour flight to Charlotte and then again for the 4.5 hour flight from Charlotte to Phoenix where I didn’t have any layover or time to find a way to recharge it before getting on the next flight.

Here are some of the ones I found on that looked pretty good, I haven’t used any of them but will be adding one to my wish list soon.  Out of this list the 16,000 mAh i.Sound Portable Power Max looks the best as it can charge 5 devices simultaneously and supports any device that takes up to 2.4 amps.

-Justin Germino

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