Breakfast in Rome

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It was funny waking up in Rome and looking to order breakfast, unlike the United States breakfast places all serve lunch meats like Salami, cheese, [easyazon-link asin=”B000BICL9O”]prosciutto[/easyazon-link], and even Pizza can be found at all hours of the morning. What I couldn’t find was a scrambled egg sandwich anywhere, the food is much more rich and seems like any meal of the day can be served anytime in Rome.

[easyazon-image-link asin=”B000BICL9O” alt=”Prosciutto Di Parma Imported from Italy aged 14 months” src=”” align=”left” width=”125″ height=”96″]I had some of the greatest tasting pastries I had experienced while in Rome, at a small Caffe, I ordered a pastry with some sort of blackberry jelly filling the middle and it was fantastic. It cost only about .60 Euro as well. My wife enjoyed countless Caffe Latte’s from various locations but her favorite was from the Portofino Cafe which is located near the Vatican City.

The pizza is all very thin crust style in Rome and every stand sells Pizza, it has almost crackerlike crust and isn’t doughy but it all is fantastic. We ordered a pizza with huge hunks of parmesian reggiano on top of it which was mouth watering. The dinner’s were rich and cream, meat and tomato sauces are plentiful.

On the night we left we ate at a ristorante which served thick pasta that was like giant versions of Rigatoni with a pomodoro sauce. Olives are everywhere and taste delicious, the rich olive diet found in all of Italy, Greece and Turkey was evident in nearly every restaurant. I even bought body wash that was derived from olive oil on one of our excursions.

I won’t miss the food in Rome and that’s for sure, my wife also enjoyed Gelato during one of our evening dessert hopping runs. This trip will leave permanent lasting memories and I hope that one day we can return to Rome and even take the train to see more of Italy.

-Justin Germino

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