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For the first time I actually purchased someone’s pre-existing blog in the hopes that I can turn it into a profitable venture faster than starting up my own blog from scratch.

I am now the proud owner of WP Cypher which is a blog dedicated to WordPress, Plugins, Social Media, Web Design.  As DragonBlogger.com turns out to be more about Technology, Gadgets, Gaming and Entertainment I am finding the audience for WordPress specific articles is becoming smaller so wanted another site a little more focused for WordPress related marketing, and articles.

I bought WP Cypher which has a PR1, gets about 1,500 visits per month and already had a better Alexa rank than this blog which I have been running for almost 4 years.  I paid $150 for it, plus $13.99 to transfer the domain name and own it for my current hosting provider.  It is my goal to make this money back within 60 days and then to turn a profit form the site just from banner advertising, affiliate marketing and my normal guest blogging methods.

So this is my first experiment with purchasing another site, converting it to my own and then seeing if I can turn a profit from it.  I created the WPCypher Twitter account on day 1 (surprisingly it had no Twitter or Facebook fanpage by default).

Wish me luck and let me know your thoughts, also stop by WP Cypher and let me know what you think of the blog.  I didn’t want to invest any money into a paid theme at this point so using just Graphene, plus WordPress SEO by Yoast and other free plugins.  I am using EasyAzon which I have an unlimited Site License for and I also am using CommentLuv Premium which I also have an unlimited site license for.

-Justin Germino

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