Facebook Should Have Stayed Private

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Honestly though Facebook is somewhat stable but at quite a bit lower percentage than when their IPO went public the constant drive for shareholders to bring in profits and increase profit percentages will likely hurt the network for users and business more than help.

The fact that fanpages only show up in the timeline for an average 4-9% of people who like your fanpages unless you pay to promote the wall posts which is astronomically high is crazy.  It isn’t even corporations that have the money who suffer from this but I saw some good posts about local musicians and bands who barely can get the thousands of followers only to not be able to let them all know when their next gig is without paying to promote to make sure every member can see it.

Sure you can favorite fanpages and put them into lists but this is a very manual process and is a turnoff for the average Facebook user who won’t likely do it without prodding if at all even then.

Corporate greed, limitations, drive to make employees and shareholders wealthy?  I think in some cases businesses that truly want the freedom to explore and innovate and add value can do so without the pressures of meeting investors demands for increasingly higher dividends and stock values.

Do you think Facebook should have stayed private?

-Justin Germino

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Updated: June 18, 2012 — 2:45 pm