Purchased the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Set

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Yep, so after playing a little more of the starter edition of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition with the boys I decided to take the plunge and purchase the 3 core rulebooks for 5th Edition Dungeons and dragons.  These are probably the only books I will use for a while and I am liking some of the features of the new edition from the starter pack, most noteably though is how powered mages and clerics can be with level 1 spells doing up to 24+ damage on a single spell in a 1st level spell slot.  There is little chance a 3.5 edition 1st level character could match a 5th edition 1st level character based on some of the improvements to spell damage and effects in 5th edition.  Though warriors seem to be on par, again, don’t have full rule books yet so just basing on the small list of things I see in the starter pack.

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The kids want to get more involved with drawing and making maps, towns and dungeons and we shall make this a whole family affair.  My oldest son is loving the Dwarven Cleric and my youngest is a human fighter both have their own play style, my youngest is more loyal and honest, truly lives up to the Lawful Good alignment while my oldest is quick to turn to profit in game and between the two of them constantly wanting to follow different paths I can see my DM challenges ahead of me with turn based approaches and trying to keep missions and storyline that appeals to both players at the same time or else it will end up being one person’s turn then another without an actually party traveling together.

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