Decided to Give InMotion Hosting a Try

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As it stands now InMotion Hosting contacted me and asked me to see if I wanted to test and compare their hosting plans with my existing hosting plans that I have been using for several years and they hit me up at a good time.  I was having some frustrating experiences with HostMonster support and so much email back and forth that I have been considering switching anyway.

Hence I am now in the process of some of my smaller blogs to InMotion Web Hosting and if all goes well, then I will transition and cut over all my smaller sites to InMotion Hosting.

Here are some of the things that I considered that were key points.

  • SSD Drives for all hosting accounts

All hosting plans including their $5.99 per month launch plan now include SSD drives which have lightning fast performance for disk based IO operations. In theory this means if you set your W3 Total Cache or caching plugins to cache to disk you should be seeing much better performance, logs write faster and there should be noticeable improvement in pageload speeds based on IO operations to disk. I am going to see if there is noticeable improvement after I cut my sites over.

  • Free Data Backups

No need to mess around with plugins and configure them, the plan will just setup backups on a scheduled basis for free.

  • Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Data Transfer

What this means is you don’t have to worry about filling up your assigned disk space or reaching a data transfer cap or having to pay more, even the budget plan has unlimited disk and data transfers.

  • CPanel

For those who are like me and prefer CPanel to access their services/applications, they have CPanel on all hosting accounts.

  • SSH Access

This is another good one, for those who want SSH access instead of being limited to only FTP access.

I figure I should have one of my smaller sites cutover by Friday night, with others to follow on the weekend.  I haven’t had a review and certainly haven’t tested their support yet, but so far I am liking what I see in InMotion hosting and willing to give them a try as once again I have been disappointed lately with HostMonster support.

Plans start at $5.99 per month to host 2 sites.



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