Problems With Latest Wii Game – Monsters Vs Aliens

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So now that I have my Gamefly account I received my second Wii title the Monsters Vs Aliens game and was sorely disappointed when I tried to play it.

The game starts off well with you playing the role of Susan on the first level, but the scene where you have to shake or wave the Wiimote to have her open the door doesn’t seem to work.

No matter how hard, fast, slow or soft you shake the Wiimote the game doesn’t recognize the shakes often enough to even open the first door in the game.

My five year old and myself tried 16 times over and over, even using 3 different wiimotes thinking the motion sensor was not working in one of them.

So after giving up in frustration I sent the game back after having it less than an hour. One bad thing about Gamefly is you don’t get any game manuals and the newest games don’t have much online yet to wiki or google for such issues. All I could find were some initial reviews of the game, nobody reported any such control problems that I could find.

Oh well, I hope the next game that comes is more fun to play and works better.

-Justin Germino

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