Pre-Ordered The Secret World

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I just couldn’t wait and even though I am still playing Star Wars: The Old Republic I pre-ordered The Secret World which comes out on June 19th.  The game is a modern day based MMO that removes the traditional "classes and limits" where you literally can keep switching out abilities and customize your character infinitely.  There are no levels, there is no dying (unconscious) and the game is set in modern times where every conspiracy you ever imagined is true.


I used to love the role playing game Dark Conspiracy which I played with my friends and brother as a kid, and we used to have our characters fight monstrosities that would invade from the subways, wyverns and demons that would spawn and roam through the Empire State building and so much more.  Now this game recreates that kind of concept and reminds me of a Stephen King / Davinci Code type of game.

In my pre-order I got the Screaming Demon ring and the special "dog" companion and T-Shirt.  I have no idea what benefits or bonuses they give in game, but I am dying to find out.

-Justin Germino

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