Blog Feed in Facebook Set to Only Me Visibility

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Application wall post visibility issues wound up plaguing me over several weeks without even realizing it until I found out that all of my feeds to my profile in Facebook were set to Only Me visibility the other day and learned it had been that way for a long time.



So basically for weeks I was wondering why no likes, comments on my timeline and it was all because all of my, NetworkedBlogs and Hootsuite posts even to my Facebook timeline were all restricted so that only I was seeing them!

I didn’t set this, somehow Facebook defaulted all my connected apps and changed them to “Only Me” for visibility.  So the solution was to manually go through all of my Facebook apps and switch them back from “Only Me” to “Public” visibility for the applications that publish a blog feed or social media manager applications like Gremln, Hootsuite and Tweetdeck…etc.


Bottom line, check your apps and check your timeline, if you see locked symbols next to your timeline posts you know there are restrictions to post visibility and if you didn’t specifically restrict who you wanted that message to be seen by, you need to do some investigation and change the application post settings.

-Justin Germino

Updated: April 24, 2012 — 12:37 pm