Porky is Recovering

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Our Boston Terrier Porky was suffering from red irritated skin and itching and scratching so badly he was causing scratches and bleeding on his feet, face, chest and stomach. We took him to the vet and they ran blood work, tested for fleas, mites, ticks, bacteria and more.

It turned out he probably has allergies and he did have some bacterial infection on his skin, so the vet prescribed various pet supplements that had omega 3 fatty acids, and special spray to clean his fur and skin. His red irritated skin looks like it is starting to clear up and fur is starting to regrow in his bald spots near his ribs.

We managed to find a “bath free” cleaning spray with aloe that seems to be really good at cleaning up his skin and making him seem more comfortable, he doesn’t scratch as much and is feeling better.

As mentioned in my article Owning Pets Costs Money you never know when your pet will come down sick or need to go to the vet, make sure you can afford to keep pets and keep enough money saved to cover unexpected vet bills.

-Justin Germino

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