Chasing Time Lately

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These past several weeks have flown by in a blur with days seeming to pass like hours for me. I need to figure out a better way to slow down and enjoy each day a little more and let each day have a longer lasting impact instead of days and weeks blurring together. It used to be that time was very slow when I was younger, I think as kids time appears very slow with hours seeming like days. I have been told that time seems to speed up as you get older.

This week I had some huge project milestones at work and frantically worked 10 hour days to make sure I keep up with all my projects, while blogging has taken an interesting turn as I reached my biggest milestone with hitting a high of 1139 unique visits on a single day. Most of the traffic coming from my NBC Heroes review which I do weekly and have seen huge spikes since Heroes has started again.

I found two new blog networks to get my blogs registered on, and started configuring my blogs on my facebook profile. I also configured all of my blogs to be DoFollow blogs last week.

-Justin Germino

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