Parents Need To Protect Their Family Photos

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I watched an episode of Raising The Bar on TNT this Monday which had a very controversial topic that can be applied to everyone who runs a blog or social network site.  In this episode, a father was brought up on charges for posting a picture of his toddler in the bath tube naked. An internet X-rated website had stolen the image from his social site and sold it online.  The father was charged with all sorts of crimes including child endangerment, sexual misconduct among others. Ignorance of what happened with the innocent photo was not sufficient defense.

This episode was powerful, strong and emotionally charged. I sided with the law, though I sympathize with the father.  The internet is a dangerous place for online predators, when you knowingly post an even innocent image on a public website, it can be stolen and used for nefarious purposes, and knowing this it is our responsibility to minimize these risks.  I have seen bloggers and people post pictures of their little children on their MySpace pages or blogs, there is nothing wrong with that, however I don’t think under any circumstances someone should post an unclothed picture of their child online. Even if it is a baby picture in the tub, sink or getting a diaper changed.

These photos are innocent to the common people and the loving parents that take them, but they are not to the people who would steal them and list them on other pornographic websites. As a result it is just poor judgement to post such pictures on public sites.  As parents we all make judgement calls on many issues surrounding our children, and this is one call where you need to err on the side of caution.

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Updated: July 1, 2009 — 7:13 am