Parent Teacher Night

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Today is only the 2nd Parent Teacher night I have ever attended as a parent for my kindergärtner. I don’t talk about my family or kids too much keeping this blog about myself, but I am so proud of my amazing five year old. At just five and a half he has been practicing his heart out on his Dibels testing to make sure he can read at least 40 letters in a minute and 10 three letter words in a minute and on his practicing he exceeds this with ease.

As a father I am so proud of both of my children, my two year old is very strong and physical. He has a courageous charisma that is like watching a little superhero in the making. While my five year old is a creative wonder, always having a thousand thoughts at once like his daddy. He is smart, great looking and artistically inclined. He loves rough housing but not physically aggressive like his little brother.

My wife bore me the two most beautiful and perfect children and that is just one of the million reasons why she is the most amazing person on the planet to me. I wrap this all up and hope to be a better father to my children than my own was to me. It is all anyone can ask, every time you think about your children and how you are as a parent remember to put their best interests at heart.

I couldn’t imagine my world without my wife and children in it, they complete everything I have ever wanted in life and all material things are trivial in comparison.

-Justin Germino

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