Panasonic 31 Toughbook Giveaway

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I can’t believe what an awesome FALALALA giveaway that is going on right now at Sparking Reviews.  I would kill to be able to have one of these to giveaway to my readers.

This contest ends in 3 days, so hurry up and enter the Panasonic 31 Toughbook Giveaway and you could win this incredible laptop worth around $3,000 dollars.

Join the contest here >

Note, if I did win this laptop I would probably give it to my son who needs a newer laptop that can play DirectX 11 games.  I don’t know the specs of this one but it has to be infinitely better than the laptop he has now.

The durability of the X11 is a great touch, he is a kid and carries his laptop when we travel sometimes so having the extra tough case is a great bonus if have a kid using the laptop.

Here’s to hoping I win!

Again, the contest ends in 3 days, join it now!

-Justin Germino

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