Final Touches on Christmas Shopping

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Today I have to carve out some time to take my kids to get some Christmas gifts for their mom.  This weekend will be the last of all the Christmas shopping in my household where we have to split up our kids so they can get one gift for each other as the final part of the shopping.

Honestly we did about 80% of the shopping online this year and most of it on my part was done through or JTV Network.  With my prime membership which was worth every penny it really made the arrivals of all items a breeze.

Some of the gifts for the boys we could have gotten online but my wife wanted to see how the toys looked, felt in person so wound up going down to Toys R Us in the valley a few weeks ago and picking up some items there.  Then of course the really good deals you get from Big Lots, and other stores you can’t pass up sometimes.

We couldn’t believe when one toy we had bought turned up at Marshall’s a few weeks later at more than 50% off the price we paid for it.  So there are still deals to be had where you can find them.  I didn’t even know Marshall’s sold toys honestly until accidentally stumbling across them.

-Justin Germino

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