Does P90X Workout System Really Work?

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I know so many people who own the P90X Home Fitness Workout Program now that it isn’t funny.  Like any Fitness program you purchase, it is only effective if you set a strict routine and stick with it.  Nothing will work to help you lose weight and get fit if you don’t adhere to a regimen.

The P90X system has something going for it that I have rarely seen in infomercial based products.  There are over 621 reviews on the product on and 430 are 5 star reviews, 85 4 star reviews and only 60 which are 1 or 2 star.

The majority of the complaints are not about the program itself either, but about the DVD’s being damaged or shipping not being prompt, and hassles with return policies. 

I myself was adhering to a bench routine, stepper with Wii Fit Plus periodically but got lazy and let my workout routine slip.  As a result I have gained about 15 pounds in the past year and am considering adding the P90X Home Fitness program as a potential item to jumpstart my motivation and dedication to working out again.

The program has 3 guides, and 12 diverse workout programs with online and other tools to keep you on track to meet your fitness goals.  I am always engaged in the science and information about muscle plateau and how the system uses a constant cycle of new exercises to keep your muscles learning and adapting.  The question is, do I have one hour a day to dedicate and commit to the program?

Has anyone used the program and do you recommend it?


-Justin Germino

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