NutriBullet an Early Birthday Present

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My birthday approaches on September 29th, but my wife decided to give me my birthday present early so we can both partake in it’s benefits.


I had always used juicers and the main juicer I used for about a decade was the Juiceman Jr. but one of the things I didn’t like about juicers was the pulp that was wasted.  The NutriBullet was different, instead of juicing which is separating the pulp and fiber from the liquid in the vegetables and fruits, it simply pulverized everything into a nutritious shake.  This is what it claimed and how it offered more nutrition with way less cleanup (no filters to scrub with a tooth brush and piles of dried rubbish to through away or recycle).

I have read a lot of reviews on the NutriBullet and the top complaints are related to overfilling the cups and/or leaving the motor running too long, it isn’t a juicer and you can only run it for 30-40 second blends at a time, you pulverize for a few seconds, stop, pulverize again, stop, shake, pulverize a gain.  Overall it only takes about 1 minute to make a full 8-10oz shake with the NutriBullet and I became much faster at it the 2nd and 3rd time I used it.

lunch with nutribullet

Everyday so far I have made a different nutritious shake, and my latest involved 2 handfuls of spinach, 1/4 cup of chopped pineapple, 1 teaspoon of chia seeds, 1 teaspoon of brown rice protein powder, 1 dozen blueberries, 1 sliced fuji apple (never put apple seeds in it, they are toxic if you grind them up) and then fill to the max line with water.

nutribullet recipe (3)

The shake may not look to appealing, more often than not they are greenish brown in appearance and may not look appealing, but depending on how sweet you like you can add a higher fruit content, or you can add other flavors like ginger, mint leaves and more to add other flavors.  Feel free to give it a spicy kick with some red pepper powder or Tabasco too if you want.

nutribullet recipe (1)

I can honestly tell you that cleanup with the NutriBullet is like 2 minutes, there is nothing to throw away, you just rinse out the blender and cup when you are done.  I am very impressed with the product and in the first two days of owning it we made 5 separate juices including one being a coconut milk and fruit smoothing that was fantastic.

It is so easy to add a little extra boost with chia seeds (milled) or buy the seeds and use the milling attachment to grind them into powder.  You can also add the protein powder of your choice, as I can’t tolerate Casein, Whey or Soy very well, brown rice protein powder works best for me.

I am very impressed with the NutriBullet and I even overfilled some of the fruit above the max line and it had no trouble at all blending, I plan on using it every day and replacing either a breakfast or lunch with a healthy smoothie in the hoops of boosting my energy levels and reducing my daily fatigue primarily.

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