Norm McDonald At The Tempe Improv

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I took my wife to dinner and to see Norm McDonald at the Tempe Improv last night and our dinner and date were very nice, I highly recommend if you have children to take your spouse out on dates at least once a month. It really helps having three hours alone without children constantly vying for your attention so you can just focus on each other and share that special connection that you have always had (it just gets muted with screaming banshee’s running around the house).

Norm McDonald who was in Saturday Night Live, voiced a few characters in Robots and had cameo’s in a dozen movies or so was funny, but not as funny as I had hoped or expected. His humor is very dry and this is a good thing except his humor often is dirty and just didn’t need to be(for a clown fish, he’s not that funny). There were about four or five really funny bits but the rest was a little long and I thought he spent too much time trying to piece together the whole story of Adam and Eve and the laughter was a little few and far between.

It was good seeing him live but out of all the comedians I have seen live, Patton Oswalt is still my favorite live comedian. This doesn’t say much as I have only seen 3 comedians live at the Improv, but I am hoping that Brad Garrett, Kevin James or Robin Williams comes to the Improv at some point in the future.

Now Sunday is here and we can rest, relax and have a family day.

-Justin Germino

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