Freeing Up Some Income

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In an attempt to free up some cash flow I was looking into seeing if I would get a monthly savings by converting my car lease into a five year loan. Unfortunately as it turns out it would cost me more per month to own my vehicle than to lease it at this current time, so I am stuck looking for others ways to perform debt consolidation so I can have a little more breathing room in my monthly budget.

Parents it is your responsibility to teach your kids about fiscal responsibility, make sure you show them how income vs expenses are a constant battle and arm them with the tools they will need to get ahead of this financial game when they are young. Even my five year old is aware of earning versus spending and clearly is included when we talk about costs of items and things.

You don’t benefit your kids by shielding them or not teaching them about costs and sharing some information about costs and expenses with them, my parents could have given me far more knowledge and a head start had they been more sharing of the real world of finances when I was a teenager.

-Justin Germino

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