Never Let Two Year Olds Out Of Your Sight

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Boy I have had a difficult Saturday and so here is my moral for this weekend “Never let a toddler out of your sight for five minutes”, I learned this the hard way when I had to work from home on Friday and was watching my two year old at the same time.  I had to take a quick conference call so I set him up with a movie, snack and drink figuring he would be good for about 1/2 hour by himself.  Little did I realize that while I was working he had gotten into our natural cleaner (Water/Vinegar spray bottle) and sprayed it over various surfaces in the house (Fridge, TV, Floor…etc).

The next day I hadn’t realized he had sprayed our 48″ rear projection TV and I saw horrid dark streak stains covering 70% of the TV Screen, the spray had gotten between the various layers of screens and films for the rear projection TV and there was no way to clean it from the outside.  I had no choice but to dismantle the Mitsubishi WS-48313 manually and clean all 3 screens manually with distilled alcohol, I had called a service place but they wanted between $400 and $500 to do the service job and repair the parts.

It took me almost 2 hours to clean and reverse engineer the TV to put it all back together but I managed to do it and it works as good as it did prior to the spraying incident.  Leaving my two year old to watch TV by himself for a little while almost cost me a $500 TV repair job or worse maybe a new TV.  I wasn’t worried about much else, we have covers on all the outlets, all doors to bathrooms closed (he can’t open them yet) but one little bottle under a sink.  We don’t keep any chemical cleaners under sinks, but water/vinegar was pretty safe, I just didn’t realize it could do so much damage.

So all is good now, I will not let my two year old out of my sight again for sure.

-Justin Germino

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