Living With Stomach Problems

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So for decades now I have been living with irritable bowel syndrome which mostly is triggered by eating almost any type of food. It is messed up that I can’t eat a normal meal without suffering pain for hours afterward. I have also developed lactose intolerance over the years which means Ice Cream and milk I have never tasted in many years. Cheese which is one of my favorite indulgences is something that is causing more and more grief as I get older.

I am going to have to research new foods that are high in elemental calcium as calcium carbonate which is added to many foods is not as nutritious and absorbed as well. In the meantime I try to limit myself to blander lean foods where I can to limit the amount of pain I endure most of the time.

Seems like Salmon, Chicken and lean grilled beef cause me the least amount of trouble. Plain rice and pasta’s aren’t so bad, but adding tomato sauce always sets off my stomach acids. Meanwhile, I had already tried over the years every type of prescription or over the counter antacid or stomach pill, even lactaid does nothing to help my lactose issues. I tried natural carrot juice and almonds too for my stomach which helps very little but is good for you.

-Justin Germino

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