Needing a Dog Fence Built

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So one of the things I am researching over the next few weeks is how to build a fencing system around a property to keep the dogs from escaping the property.  The issue I have found is the area is pretty narrow and most pre-built fencing structures have a generic 60” width, I need to have something built that is about 10’ long and only 30” wide or so.

I don’t really have the time or the knowledge to build something myself, so may end up looking for a contractor or starting with Lowes which will come out and do a free estimate for fencing and can do the installation.

I haven’t decided on whether we would use a wooden fence or chain link fence, personally I don’t think chain link fences are very aesthetically pleasing and I would prefer a fencing that has some quaint charm and functionality but I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg either.

Just something to keep 2 Boston Terriers contained and high enough to prevent them from jumping over it should suffice.

Something like this would have been great, but it just is too wide to fit in the narrow side area I need fenced.

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-Justin Germino

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