Nearly Lost Their Kindle Fires

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I was a little upset when both of my kids left their Kindle Fire’s at a local Mexican restaurant last week and it took 2 days for the family to notice.  Fortunately when my wife called the restaurant they had held onto them and were waiting for someone to call.


We dodged a bullet and usually I remember to remind my kids not to forget their Kindle Fires but this time I had forgotten myself.  Would have been quite vexed if both of those would have been lost and they would not have been getting replacements if that would have happened.

I am a fine one to talk about forgetting things however, because I often forget things myself. I have forgotten my wallet before, forgotten my ATM card and left it inside ATM machines before and left my credit card before at a restaurant in California just last year.

So I guess forgetfulness just runs in the family on the male side and my kids are going to look forward to many years of forgetting stuff in their future.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: December 4, 2012 — 6:22 pm