Near Painting Nightmare

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So after a contractor failed to show up on time for a paint job it was with great hesitation that I offered to paint the bathroom myself so that my wife wouldn’t be disappointed on her birthday weekend.  In retrospect this was one good intention that went horribly wrong.

It turns out that painting over a surface that has wallpaper built into the surface is much harder than you would think, even calling the manufacturer and them recommending a coat of Kils before painting and following the instructions didn’t prepare me for what was in store.

The Kils was too thin, leaving streaks and gaps when painting over the wallpapered surface (this isn’t removable wallpaper it is built into the paneling so stripping it wasn’t possible) and even when I coated the whole bathroom the wallpaper was still visible.

I decided to see if the paint could coat over it and at first I thought this would be okay, it kind of was with a roller.  However because it is a bathroom there are way too many crevices and tight places you can’t get to with a roller, it is in these places that things went horribly wrong.  Even two different brushes left horribly noticeable brush streaks and marks of unevenness due to the slippery nature of the surface.

I did about as much as I could before panic started setting in and I started looking in the classifieds to find a painter to fix this mistake that I was only making worse.  I called a few people to find one that wouldn’t be able to do it until Monday, finally someone said they would come out same day and give an estimate.

Unfortunately he never showed up and by this time I had tried 3 separate contractors who all couldn’t do it on such short notice or just never answered their phone.  Meanwhile, I wanted to hire somebody to paint and fix the mess job in the bathroom on my wife’s birthday but when I finally did get a company they couldn’t have somebody out until Monday and we were leaving CA on Monday.

In the end I bought about $120 worth of paint supplies, new rollers, brushes and tools and just went at it on Saturday night to see if I could get it done before my wife woke up for her Birthday on Sunday

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-Justin Germino

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