My Son Has His First Field Trip

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I was all set for the family outing yesterday where my five year old kindergärtner was going on his first school field trip to the Tucson Zoo, my wife, Mother in law and two year old son were following the school bus on the hour drive to Tucson to accompany him and enjoy the Zoo ourselves. We hustled early in the morning and wouldn’t you believe it that on my sons first field trip to the Tucson Zoo I left my camera back home on the dryer packed and ready to go, but forgotten in the morning hustle to get everyone ready.

The wait at the school was a little hectic with a bored toddler in the backseat, but we left for Tucson just before nine and arrived around ten. The Tucson Zoo is quite fantastic I must say, the entire Zoo is fairly small and you can get through all exhibits within an hour and a half, but each exhibit allows you to see the animals close up and they have a Polar bear which the Phoenix Zoo does not have. The zoo itself has so much shade and landscaping that it really is a pleasure to walk in the nice even paths and underways to see all the creatures in their pens. There also is Giraffe feeding which occurs every weekday at 10am, but we did not arrive in time for.

Fortunately my Mother in law brought her camera and I took some great shots with her Fuji FinePix, but I didn’t have the USB cable to offload the pics, so I will do an update post with pictures from the Tucson Zoo at a later date.

I recommend two things for parents out there and those are:

1) Attend every field trip you can with your kids, they only have a few of them and by the time they are grown up you would have missed out on opportunities to have taken part in their adventures which you will regret when you are older.

2) Visit all the different Zoo’s in your area, this is proof that Tucson Zoo is way different than Phoenix Zoo and I enjoyed it even more not because it had more exhibits, but because you can be closer to the animals and there are alot more open enclosures to see the animals better. The Tucson Zoo is also about a third of the price of the Phoenix Zoo at only $6.00 per adult and $2.00 per child.

-Justin Germino

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