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As I start to get much busier at work lately with projects keeping me working into the later hours, I am finding it harder to keep up on my blog socializing, SEO and my Random Twitter Poetry game. Yet I continue to do my best for several reasons.

My poetry blog and game are my art and creative expression, it is an outlet for my creative side and is.a great way for me to reduce stress. I just take a lunch break and craft a new poem from random words, I go into a zone of creativity for fifteen minutes that is like a form of meditation for me.

My personal blog is like my therapy, I enjoy being able to write about anything on my mind with full freedom of expression. I can rant, share good news, share horror stories, or just tell a joke.

My technology blog is my hobby that I enjoy as well, I like learning new software, playing with new gadgets and sharing. Though this blog has just as much blogging and SEO related tips and information as I share what I learn with other bloggers. I also do movie reviews and some entertainment stuff, but may cut these in the future, Heroes reviews are a big draw of traffic to my blog though.

So I try to find 2 hours a day to keep up with blogging while not neglecting my kids and wife at the same time. Bloggers all juggle their time with day jobs, and families and I have known at least 4 bloggers who “stopped” cold turkey in the last year because it was hurting their families, or they just couldn’t keep it up and work or school at the same time. Blogging isn’t easy, and even if you enjoy it you can find it hard to keep at it but make sure you don’t hurt your families and true career with your blogging endeavors.

-Justin Germino

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