A World of Delays

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Why is it that as a society we have come to accept 2-3 hour delays at hospitals, doctors offices and airports. Industries can come up with all the excuses they want, but society as a whole can end this worsening practice that costs us time and money.

Take our business elsewhere is the most prominent method, but is ineffectual if only a small handful do it which isn’t effective enough to alter a company practice or routine.

I like the new law that prohibits planes from keeping passengers trapped onboard and on the tarmac for more that 3 hours or be fined for doing so. These same types of regulation need to be done elsewhere, but not by the government. Insurance companies should fine clinic offices who make patients wait more than a certain time as well if there is no good reason.

Time is money and we lose it by suffering from delays that cost us hours, not a few minutes like a lunch drive thru line. We should expect and demand accountability and impose pressure for companies to show more respect for our time.

-Justin Germino

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