My Opinion: Avoid Black Friday Shopping

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Last year we attempted the Black Friday shopping thing and woke up at 4am to shop at Walmart to try and get deals on some of the sales on Xmas items. This was a disaster and lead to nothing but being shoved by rude people in lines and every on sale item being sold out and unavailable before we even arrived.

I vowed I wouldn’t do an in-store Black Friday shopping again and instead will purchase nearly everything online instead. With most sites offering deals online as well as free shipping and no tax on some states and purchases you can get better deals online and not have to deal with the in-store nightmare.

Just one of my recommendations for Black Friday shopping out there, but there are a few things I never purchase online.

Jewelry is one of those things I just need to see in person, I have been burned before by purchasing online jewelry and won’t make the same mistake twice.

Clothing and Shoes, again even if you know your clothing size and shoe size, each article “fits” differently and it is hard to guess, I don’t really recommend clothing online except for T-Shirts, and general fit articles.

That’s about it, just about everything else I either have or would purchase online.

-Justin Germino

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