Illness Spreading Through Family

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Very typical with the flu virus is the transmission from family member to family member, my oldest son coming down with it first last week and then my toddler on Saturday night, Sunday my wife came down with it and is virtually disabled with illness.  I am having to care for two sick family members and have had to take the rest of the week off from work since I will probably get it as well if I don’t already have it by the time this article posts.

All you can do when illness runs in your family is use plenty of hand sanitizer, clean your counters, doorknobs and surfaces often with cleaners and do your best to keep sick family members isolated as much as possible.  In the meantime always make sure you drink plenty of fluids even when sick, if you have fever sip water often, but don’t too much at once or it could make you vomit.

I found out yesterday that many kids were sick in my son’s school and several from his class, so as typical this bug is going around.  The odd thing is we all had flu vaccines, so this is either the Swine flu or a strain of flu that wasn’t covered by the vaccine.

-Justin Germino

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