My First Parent Teacher Conference Today

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My son started kindergarden this year two months ago in August, and today is my first Parent Teachers Conference.  I know my son is doing very well in school, he already has 99% letter recognition, can do basic math between 1 and 20 with ease and writes just about any word he can see with excellent accuracy.  I still mark this day as pretty historic, you only have one “First Parent Teacher” day.

Been busy at work today, meetings, requests and all sorts of things related to web identity and access management and security solutions.  I took a lunch break to catch up on my blog emails and drop some entrecards, man I am dropping like 600+ entrecards a day between my 4 blogs.  Most days I do 300 per day for dragonblogger, and at least 150-200 for my other two blogs.  I am starting to spend to much time just reciprocating drops in entrecard.

-Justin Germino

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