Las Vegas – One of My Favorite Travel Destinations

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I traveled to Las Vegas NV over eleven times in the past two years as it is a quick trip from Arizona. My wife and I love to partake in a little fun in a weekend getaway. I was there for Valentines day earlier in the year. Every time we go we stay at a different Hotel to compare, we had stayed at Excalibur for our Honeymoon in 1999, Luxor, Tropicana, The Venetian, Aladdin (before it became Planet Hollywood), Bellagio and Treasure Island.

The things we love most about Las Vegas are the fine dining, we once split a 10 1/2 pound Lobster and finished it all by ourselves. We also love the Cirque Du Soleil shows, of all the ones we have seen so far O, Mystere and Ka, Ka was the most enjoyable and I highly recommend everyone to see it. Then there is gambling, we are always sure to set aside some money that we know we will lose. We only play until we lose our fun pot, this prevents people from gambling more than they can afford.

Some trips we only have a few hundred to spend, others maybe up to a thousand to spend. We are not big gamblers, but we have fun playing and sometimes the money lasts for the entire trip. I used to play slots on occasion, but now I am almost strictly playing BlackJack and Roulette, not because I am any good at it, but because Roulette is really fun. The active involvement of trying to guess what numbers the ball will land on next lends to the excitement and anticipation.

SouthWest Airlines generally has fares and you can get a round trip ticket from Phoenix, AZ to Las Vegas, NV for around $200 or less if you use a “Wanna Get Away” fare.

What are some of my readers favorite travel destinations? Not places you have only been once, but places you go every year or at least several times and plan to return?

-Justin Germino

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Belinda writes that her favorite place to visit is Sydney, Australia.  I have always wanted to visit Australia, just haven’t had the money to take the trip yet.  Thank you Belinda for writing about your trips to Sydney.

Imhighblood writes that Boracay, Phillipines is his favorite destination and the pictures are just beautiful.  Thank you for sharing.

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