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I watched Fantasia 2000 with my kid the other night and I realized just how much I enjoy an artistic story told through music. Disney should release more artistic films such as Fantasia 2000 that showcase musical compositions with stories told around the music.

It is just amazing what the animators come up with and the timing of the animation on screen to the tempo and instruments is simply stunning and beautiful to behold. Truly an artistic film and if you haven’t seen it even though it is nine years old I highly recommend you see the updated Fantasia 2000.

Rhapsody in Blue is one of the best animated features inside the movie, but there are so many great ones, almost all of them are astounding and beautiful to watch and listen to. Without a single spoken word in any of the animation the entire stories are told through the musical compositions alone and it really makes me smile while I watch it.

-Justin Germino

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