Monsters Vs Aliens Review

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I have seen the movie Monsters Vs Aliens with my family on Friday night and I thought the movie was very good. I laughed through most of the film and especially enjoyed the parodies of all the old B horror movies and genre’s out there relating to monsters such as The Blob, Attack of the 50′ Woman, Creature From The Black Lagoon, The Fly and others.

Its funny how being a parent of young children and seeing films with them you start to scrutinize everything that may or may not be questionable for children. For instance, my children enjoyed the film very much as well, there movie however had some content and stuff in it that I thought was much more geared for adults than children. For instance there was the “couple” scene in the car where in the typical horror movie the guy is coming onto the girl and monster outside makes noise, he checks it out and gets killed…etc. In Monsters Vs Aliens, in a clever parody the woman was very aggressive with the guy and exclaimed “This is the worst date ever” this had the adults laughing, its a good thing it went over children’s head because it does have the wrong “message” for a kids movie I thought.

I also though the movie had too much relationship trouble between the news reporter and Susan, him breaking up with her and her being crushed and the man being selfish. Though these added “realism” to the film I thought the detracted from the fun and action style of the film and didn’t really come across well for kids.

My favorite characters included Bob (the blob) and Doctor Cockroach who was excellently voiced by Hugh Laurie (you couldn’t barely even recognize it was him).

Overall, I think the movie was very good and it appeals to adults and children equally well since there is a lot of scenes and references to adult horror movies that children are just too young to know about and get.

-Justin Germino

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