Mining is Oh So Boring in Elite Dangerous

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I did finally try out mining with my Type-6 and unfortunately it looks cooler in the images than it actually is.  The mining profession just isn’t profitable as the random nature of minerals you get from Asteroids isn’t found out until you start mining and each asteroid only has about 10 chunks you can break off to collect, refine and turn into minerals to sell.  What this actually ends up meaning is that you spend a great deal of time slicing into an asteroid, moving back and forth to scoop up pieces in your cargo scoop, then putting them in the refining bay slot, then back to the grind.

In the end, my average profit was around 33,000CR an hour when getting Silver, Bertrandite, and Lepidolite.  I imagine if you can find the Painite which sells for like 33k CR per ton, you may get profit, but I have yet to find any and it is a needle in a haystack out there.    They need to make mining more engaging and profitable without Painite being the only thing people would be willing to mine for.  A tractor beam that helps scoop up minerals into the cargo scoop would be a huge asset as well.

Either way, I was glad I tried it and some pretty pics came out of it.


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Updated: March 14, 2015 — 6:13 pm