Marijuana Legal in California?

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Responsibility is lacking in this society and it is unfortunate because if the majority of society was responsible then legalizing Marijuana would probably be a viable and much more widely accepted proposal.

I myself have never actually smoked pot, never tried it, never tested it and don’t know what the effects are from being high.  I did however grow up in a family where I watched my parents and brother smoke weed nearly every day and it was almost a daily ritual with my parents at night.

I get a headache from the scent of pot smoke and I had much anger and hatred for the drug and users when I was a teenager because I feel it contributed to some family issues going on at the time.

As I am much older and wiser now I have a different take on the drug and after medical study after medical study shows that weed does have a pain dulling effect comparable to some of the most potent narcotics and can be valuable in treatments for depression, pain management and more I do see it has a place and value as a medical treatment.

That being said, treatment centers and prescriptions crop up everywhere to a point where it is so available it is absurd that it isn’t officially legalized in California.  There are those who say legalizing pot and taxing it will help the state with budget deficits, help cut down on illegal drugs since people can purchase drugs locally instead of having to get smuggled pot in from Mexico…etc

There is people who say that more people will drive while high, and that more kids will be exposed to weed which is said to damage learning abilities in undeveloped minds as well as lead to addictions later.

In truth, pot is probably no more dangerous a drug than alcohol is, the effects of inebriation are similar in caliber though you can die from alcohol poisoning I am not sure if you can smoke so much weed in one session you can kill yourself (let me know if this is possible).

If people were more responsible as a society this could be a viable recreational drug to help deal with the stress and pressure of daily life in an economic nightmare, I mean some people game, others drink beer during football, pot theoretically should be an option to unwind at the end of a hard week.

The problem is society is not responsible and kids are already getting into parents prescription medications, guns, alcohol and such.  This would only add one more element with which kids have easier access to and therefore can lead to damaging societal consequences a decade down the line that can’t be predicted.

Where do you stand on the issue of marijuana legalization in California?

-Justin Germino

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