My 33rd Birthday Today

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Today is my 33rd Birthday and I had taken the last few days off of work to go on a little retreat in Sedona with my wife.  She treated me to a little bed and breakfast where we relaxed and enjoyed the time spent together.

One thing I notice that is true about aging is that I am a little more concerned over potential health issues developing than I was in my early twenties.  I care more about what I eat, and whether I will inherit or suffer heart problems like both of my grandfathers did.  Both of my grandfathers had heart surgeries and were plagued with heart and artery issues their entire lives.

My latest doctor visit shows good results and I eat some form of oat fiber every morning with soluble fiber like Oatmeal, Cracklin Oat Bran or some other source of fiber.  I know that soluble fiber helps keep your arteries clean and wheat doesn’t have soluble fiber like oat bran does.

I still need to commit to exercising more and eating less unhealthy processed meats, I have a weakness for Pepperoni, Genoa salami and aged Swiss cheeses which is probably going to cause more than a few colon polyps in my lifetime I am sure.

My wife always says to me that if it isn’t one thing that gets you, it will be another.  Clean diet only to have environmental toxins, so mine as well just enjoy life and do everything in moderation.  I go through periods where I am like this, and then other periods where I just want to modify my lifestyle.  This is probably the Libra in me where I am always bouncing between choices, sides and weighing what to do.

Anyway, for my Birthday this year I could have asked for a better gift than some quality time with my wife at a bed and breakfast.  It is such a nice feeling that I have my wife who is my best friend whom I have shared my last 14 birthdays with and I try cherish every moment I spend with her.

-Justin Germino

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