Love What You Do For A Living

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Life is too short to spend it being unhappy and I want to give some good advice to people who are young enough in their lives that they have not yet been tied down with commitments such as families to feed, children to support, and things that would make the advice I am about to give more difficult to follow.


Plain and simple, don’t  spend your time pursing something that your parents wanted you to become or go into a career or profession solely for money or because you think that there is job security or more jobs available.  The key is to do what you love doing and you will find that you will stand out from the others who don’t love doing it.  Dreams can only become reality if you go full throttle and pursue them right from the start.  It only becomes harder to pursue those dreams if you put them off and then get tied down with other responsibilities that may make it harder to pursue them.

I happen to be blessed not only with a great day job, but I really enjoy working with technology and applications.  I am a techie by nature, and I also happen to really enjoy blogging on nights and weekends on the side.  I spend far more days engaged in the work I do and feeling good when I solve customer problems, help design new technical solutions and implement them.

I know many people who are trapped in jobs for years or decades and they have been doing something that they just aren’t happy doing, life wasted just working for the sake of providing for the family, only to get older and realize that they missed out on truly enjoying life and all those years spent droning away at some career or job just to make ends meet, they could instead had rearranged and adjusted their life from the start to adapt to doing what they loved to do.

If your dream job happens to be a low paying field, then adjust your lifestyle so it doesn’t encroach as much, find places where that job has more advantages and continue to pursue it.  This is especially true for artists and entertainers who have the most varied spectrum of income, some artists and entertainers are breakout successes and make fortunes.   But the vast majority live in borderline poverty playing music and barely making rent at the end of the month, yet they love doing it and do it for the love of doing it.

At the end of your life you want to say that you lived your dreams and shot for the stars, for if at the end of your life you are on your last few breaths and you say “I wish I would have done this, that and the other thing”, then you have squandered your one life and missed the whole point of the journey.

-Justin Germino

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