Blogging Takes a Back Seat

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I have been so busy with my day job these last few weeks and I don’t see it letting up that my blogging (which is a hobby) is going to have to take a distant back seat. I just am running out of energy to be able to stay up each night just to queue posts on 4 or 5 blogs for the following morning. Even my random twitter poetry game is getting very hard to accomplish as my lunch breaks are virtually non-existent lately.

For sanity sake it is important to remember the beauty about blogging, it is not how often you update that matters most, it is the quality of your content. So you can still be a successful blog if you post every day, every three days or once a week. Granted the more posts you have indexed on Google the wider your blog reach is, but don’t feel ashamed or guilty if you have to slow down and pace yourself a little.

Don’t let family time suffer because you fell compelled to update your blogs each and every day. I know I did start feeling a little guilty and have a desire to leave no day devoid of a post, but in the end I am starting to be slightly more apathetic. For me blogging is a hobby and something I enjoy doing, I shouldn’t have to feel pressured to write on my blogs, that is for people who make a full time income out of blogging and it IS their primary job.

-Justin Germino

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