Losing A Loved One

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My condolences to Liam Neeson who recently lost his wife Natasha Richardson due to a tragic skiing accident. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to lose a loved one especially for it to happen so suddenly with no length of time to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for such a tragic event. My heart goes out the all the friends and families of Liam and Natasha and to anyone else who has experienced the loss of a loved one, especially in a tragic freak accident.

One thing that people should take from this is that when you are injured and especially when you suffer a head or abdomen injury, even if you have only the slightest signs of pain or injury you should go to a doctor immediately to get checked out. Natasha had only a headache and she may have been able to received treatment that might have saved her life had she went to the ER or Urgent Care immediately after her injury. This same thing happens with kids, I read a story a few weeks ago about a child who fell and bashed his head on a coffee table, the child had complained he was tired and had a headache about fifteen minutes later and went to bed. The mother found her son dead in bed less than two hours later due to a brain injury that bled.

Please take injuries seriously and don’t assume the frail human body doesn’t have anything serious as a result from a head or abdomen wound, also I would highly recommend you wear protective head gear when performing any activity that could result in a fall or collision. Regardless, for someone to die in this fashion is really unfortunate and bad luck or if you believe in a higher power, it was “time” or “meant” to be at that moment, either way it is no less tragic or sad.

Here is a tribute poem I wrote a few weeks ago on my poetry blog that I am reposting here:

Memories of You

As I stare at this photograph
One of our twenty fifth Anniversary
My eyes fill with tears
My heart wrenches in my chest
Thoughts dwell on what happened
It was more than just inconvenient
It forever altered my life
Ripped my life away
My soul was shattered

We have been together through thick and thin
When the gloves were off
Living on Welfare and food stamps
One inch away from losing everything
We stood by and triumphed
All of that ripped away
One miserable twist of fate
A cruel misnomer of the universe

The best of times between us
Holding hands and kissing your mouth
The occasional Friday morning copulation
No cares in the word, you were my love
You are my love and always will be
I am now but an empty shell
How could life be this cruel
All I have now are a collection of memories of you

-Justin Germino

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