Best Way I Spent My 100 Dollar Gift Card

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So I received a gift card for one hundred dollars and was having a hard time deciding how best to get the most bang for my buck in entertainment. I hadn’t purchased a new Wii game since Wii Fit almost 1 year ago, and considered buying Boom Blox which I hear is very good. It was then that my lady recommended that instead of buying one game and it collecting dust after a month I should instead get a membership to something like Gamefly, where I could rent Wii games and send them back when I am done playing with them to get another one on my list.

I decided to give it a whirl, it turns out that Gamefly is a bit more than my blockbuster service, it costs $15.95 per month for only 1 at a time, whereas I get 3 DVD’s at a time for $20.99 per month at blockbuster. Granted Wii games cost quite a bit more and therefore if one were to be damaged, or not returned it would have a higher overhead, so my gift card gets me just under 6 months of Wii game rentals.

I will let everyone know if I think the service is worth it, I have a few friends who use Gamefly and they just love being able to play a game to death then return it and rent the next one. With many Wii titles being able to be beaten in 20 hours or so, it seems like a great way to play lots of games without having to spend money on a single game only to be stuck with it and not get much trade value.

My first game to rent is Boom Blox, I hope its good and can’t wait for it to arrive.

-Justin Germino

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