Locking Old Woman Away to Steal Social Security

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In an Associated Press article written by Rick Callahan I read about how 3 people in Indianapolis locked a 65 year old woman suffering from dementia in a small eight foot by six foot room where she was literally tortured and kept in inhumane conditions.  This small forty eight foot room had a drinking bowl on the floor for her to drink from, a urine soaked mattress and the woman was covered in bruises and had a black eye when found.  She was released one time per month to go and cash her Social Security check and the people accused bought her a single pack of cigarettes per month and kept her alive with barely enough food.  The poor old lady weighed only 85 pounds when picked up.

The despicable nature of this crime and many others like it are just astounding to me and I cannot fathom how such indecency and lack of morality exist in our culture and environment.  In this day and age and in such civilization nations how such arrogant behavior and crime can exist is beyond me.  One would think that a combination of society structure and technology advancement for detection, evidence gathering and conviction to prevent such crimes from continuing to happen but alas there is still so much crime in the world and it doesn’t appear to be getting any better.

Few things upset me more than crimes against children and against the helpless elderly and the people who commit such crimes are the worst of the worst and should be brought to swift and harsh justice.

-Justin Germino

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